Scotland is known for being innovative. One company, DSM, is on a mission to produce a feed additive that will reduce the methane output of dairy cows by approximately 30% and up to 90% for beef cows. With an abundance of talent born in world-class universities, Scotland is a hotbed for R&D, making it a thriving hub for companies to build solutions to global issues.

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Scotland. For the Head, Heart, and the Spirit.

Whether you want to live, work, study, visit, do business or create in Scotland – it’s a country that has it all. Scotland is kindness, respect, and generosity. Scotland is determination, creativity, and curiosity. We are castles, lochs, and mountains. We are students, explorers, innovators. We are a country committed to achieving net zero emissions of all greenhouse gases by 2045, by protecting our biodiversity and reversing nature loss.

We’ve come a long way and you could too.